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How 50s Singles Can Create The Perfect Instagram Worthy Online Dating Photo in 4 Easy Steps

How 50s Singles Can Create The Perfect Instagram Worthy Online Dating Photo in 4 Easy Steps

Over 50s dating sites are the ideal way for mature singles to expand their social circle, and make new friends in later life. If you’re new to online dating, or are looking for ways to get the most out of dating efforts online, the first thing to concentrate on is your dating profile photo. It’s incredible just how many older singles get disheartened or frustrated that they’re online dating efforts aren’t going anywhere. Just taking a quick look at how they present themselves is the first place to review. An underpar dating photo of yourself quite simply can ruin your chances. It’s as straight forward as that. The good news is, it’s pretty easy to fix. So let’s get cracking on how singles in their fifties can create the perfect Instagram worthy dating photo in 4 easy steps.

At, our customer support team verifies all dating profiles and dating photos that come through from our singles. It’s quite astounding at just how many older singles photos come through that are quite frankly useless. Photos taken in the shadows, wearing dressing gowns, lying down, photos of pictures in photo frames, or passport photos. The list unfortunately goes on. If you’re one of these daters, chances are your dating efforts won’t give the results you were hoping for. Let’s see just how easy it is to fix. We’re not talking about forking out for a professional photoshoot, or investing in a fancy camera. It’s effortless to create great, flattering photos if you know how.

Mature singles won’t have grown up in the selfie generation, spending large parts of their youth posing for photos of themselves to post onto social media. It’s an art that takes work to perfect. Just take a look at any 20-something Instagram account to see just how immaculately turned out they all look. There’s a fine line of course, between enhancing photos to such an extent that you enter fantasy land, and portraying yourself in the best possible light.

50s Singles Can Create an Instagram Worthy Dating Photo in 4 Steps

Here is a simple 4 point guide for mature singles to get up to speed quickly and easily. Following these easy rules will undoubtedly help 50 singles create the perfect Instagram-worth dating photo.

1) Step 1 - Angles

One of the first rules about taking a good photo of yourself is knowing how to use angles to your advantage. Nobody, absolutely nobody looks good looking down into a camera lens. Facial features start to sag, bags and lines become more deep set and prominent, and multiple chins wrinkle up your neck. Lighting will also fall behind you, creating shadows on your face that just aren’t complimentary.

Position the camera so that it’s at an angle higher than your face. This allows light to fall on your face, smoothing out wrinkles, and lightening your complexion. Your skin looks brighter, and your eyes will also look wider and more awake. Play around with the height of the camera, to find the optimal position for you.

After you have the right height, think about your position. What is your best side, right or left, or perhaps dead straight? Everyone tends to have a slightly better side of their face for taking photos. Have a play around, and see which you feel is your better side. This shouldn’t be a full on one-side of the cheek shot, just a slight adjustment from dead centre, if it suits.

2) Step 2 - Lighting

So many 50s singles get the lighting of their dating photo completely wrong. There’s no point getting started online dating if you’re not going to let people really see who you are. It’s a well-known fact that singles are far more likely to chat to singles who they can see. Making yourself look like a genuine over 50s single who is wanting to chat and socialise is important. So light up your photo, and don’t hide away in the shadows if you want to succeed with your over 50s online dating journey.

When we talk about lighting, the right kind of lighting and it’s angle is critical. The right kind of lighting needs to be bright. Think natural outside light on a sunny day or brighter. We all know how much better photos look in the sunshine compared to a cloudy day. The same applies when taking a photo of yourself.

Avoid taking photos inside unless it’s in a well lit room. Low lighting from nearby table or floor lamps will leave one side of your face darker than the other. A light that originates from behind you will also create distorted and unflattering shadows. Spot lights provide the best overall lighting from above. Lighting from infront can also be particularly flattering. Think of backstage dressing tables with the bulbs all the way around the mirror. These create phenomenal lighting, knocking years off, and giving a smooth, bright complexion, hiding imperfections like a professional layer of stage make-up.

The front facing lighting that should however be avoided is from your laptop. This is a simple rule all over 50s singles should follow. Don’t take your dating photo using your computer camera. It may seem tempting to be able to take it and instantly upload it, but they never give you a good outcome. Firstly, the flash isn’t powerful enough to light up your face, if you’re wearing glasses, the flash will be reflected, and there tends to be an unnatural glow from the screen, which can give an unsightly blue tinge. The same goes for mirrors. Don’t use your phone to take a photo of yourself in the mirror. We can guarantee that if 50s singles want to get the most out their mature dating endeavours, your dating photo should be given a little more thought and attention than an instant laptop snapshot.


3) Step 3 - Background

What does the background matter I hear you say? More than you think! If you have accomplished all of the above tips on lighting and angles, don’t ruin it by not paying attention to your setting that’s around you. Backdrops that you should avoid at all costs include cars. The front seat, back seat, passenger seat, leaning on a car door or sprawled across the bonnet. Just don’t do it.

Next is the lazy look. Don’t take photos in bed or anywhere lying down. Get out of your PJs, dressing gown and tracksuit bottoms too. Nobody will be attracted to a lazy-looking bum. You wouldn’t turn up like that on a first date, so why try attracting your first date online looking like that?! Similarly, refrain from bare chests and towels for the ‘just out of the shower’ look. When you’re over 50, this is unlikely to have the same desired effect as it did when you were looked ripped and toned in your 20s.

Steer clear of having mirrors in the background. They’re likely to show up things you were trying to keep out of the shot. It’s a good idea to think of what else the background might give away about you, that you might prefer to keep private just now. Whether it’s an extensive teddy bear collection, your inability to wash the dishes, or that wallpaper you are planning to change.

4) Step 4 - Smile

It goes without saying that a smile is the most attractive thing you can wear. So why do so many 50s singles submit photos of themselves looking serious, scowling or grimacing? For many, it’s the side-effect of trying to master that lazy laptop photo, which is another reason why these shots are such a deal-breaker.

We are naturally drawn to people who smile, which aids with becoming physically attracted to someone. A smile makes you more approachable, which on an over 50s dating site is likely to increase your odds of receiving messages. A smile also makes you more attractive, again increasing your odds of communication. A smile also makes you look younger, as it lifts the features in your face, making you look more youthful.

So for goodness sake, if you’re one of the many 50s singles uploading a dating photo onto your dating profile, make sure you’re smiling, or you might as well not bother at all!

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